6 days 5 nights
Trekking from Rifugio Barricata to Rifugio Campolongo
6 days 5 nights
Trekking from Marcesina to Vezzena
5 days 4 nights
Trekking from Rifugio Galmarara to Rifugio Campolongo
5 days 4 nights
Trekking from Rifugio Barricata to Rifugio Larici
7 days 6 nights
Trekking from Rifugio Barricata to Rifugio Campolongo
4 days 3 nights
Trekking from Rifugio Campolongo to Rifugio Larici
3 days 2 nights
Trekking from Rifugio Campolongo to Rifugio Millegrobbe
3 days 2 nights
Trekking from Rifugio Barricata to Malga Galmarara
3 days 2 nights
Trekking from Malga Galmarara to Vezzena

starting from euro 350

Check in at the Sporting Residence Hotel located in Asiago with a complementary cocktail and a quick introduction to the trekking before being tranfered to Lodge Rifugio Barricata. Dinner and accommodation

From Rifugio Barricata to Rifugio Campomuletto
Distance: 14.5 km
Total Climb: +534m -272m Average Slope: +7.9 -5.0 Maximum +24.9 -36.5
Level of Difficulty: intermidiate
Today’s trail starts from Rifugiot Barricata on Trentino County following the path on the edge of the Piana di Marcesina (1300mt), heading close to San Lorenzo’s Church through the bogs known as Palu’ di Sotto and Palu’ di San Lorenzo. Around Casonetti’s area (old lumberjack houses) after a short stretch of paved road you will walk close to Galo’s hill and Mount Spinle before arriving to Rifugio Campomuletto. Once arrived it will be possible to extend the trek visiting the "Path of Silence" a small open-air museum with 10 contemporary art installations remembering all world wars. It will give you time to think about horrors of wars VS value of peace; a quite place in the heart of nature and history with educational games and activities for kids. Lodge Rifugio Campomuletto will be the final destination for today with dinner and accomodation.

From Rifugio Campomuletto to Malga Galmarara
Distance: 16 km
Duration: 5/6H
Total Climb: +572m -557m Average Slope: +7.0 -6.3 Maximum: +28.1 -34.5
Level of Difficulty: intermidiate

After a big breakfast prepared by "Smilzo" (lodge owner) you will start your day walking towards the north of the plateau. Around Malga Fiara you will take the path CAI 850 until Roccolo di Fiara. The trek continues towards the north-west towards Malga Bosco Secco – Fontanello di Bosco Secco along an easy road running through fir trees with ancient origins. From the area called Albi di Bosco Secco we continue to Mount Forno overcoming the Busa of Terremore. You will continue up north following direction for Bivio Italia up to where Galmarara Valley opens up the horizon to the north side of the Plateau. At Bivio Conrad you will descend along Corno di Campo Bianco leaving Rifugio Tre Fontane on the right until you reach the path CAI 830 that leads to Lodge Malga Galmarara, altitude 1600m asl.Estimated arrival late afternoon. Welcome drink, dinner and accomodation.

From Malga Galmarara to Rifugio Larici
Distance: 14.51 km
Duration: 5/6H
Total Climb: +856 m-815m Average Slope: +9.7 -10.4 Maximumt +40.0 -43.0
Level of Difficulty: difficult

A nice trekking day to discover a wild area populated with plants and wild animals. It is possible in the morning with a little bit of luck to encounter some eagles and deers. The trail climbs gently alongside of Mount Arsenale and then down the spectacular Portule Valley, one of the most beautiful valley of the Altopiano Plateau, almost untouched, marked only by ruins left by the 1st World War. We are within an outdoor museum of endless dimensions. You can make a short detour to the site of Campogallina, one of the most interesting areas of the wider outdoor museum named "walk of peace." The climb to the top of Mount Portule is richly rewarded with an opening horizon that allows the eye to admmire some of the highest peaks of the plateau (Mount 12 and Mount Ortigara) and in addition the full view of the Eastern Alps (Dolomites). You will then continue down to lodge Rifugio Larici where you will check in for dinner and accomodation.

From Rifugio Larici to Piana di Vezzena and final transfer
Distance: 11 km
Duration: 4/5H
Total Climb: +310m -548m Average Slope: +6.6 -8.4 Maximum +19.9 -25.7 
Level of Difficulty: intermidiate

You will departure from Rifugio Larici, a stage characterized by a simple route and the opening of horizons on the South- eastern peaks of the Asiago Plateau . The route will follow the trail that leads through the magnificent forests and glades of Cima Manderiolo and Spitz Verle, to Piana di Vezzena, geographical limit of the massive West Plateau. A mile after taking the trail named CAI 220, you will take the path on the right to Campo Manderiolo for a couple of miles. Half of the way with a short cut there will be a challenging detour to reach the top of Cima Manderiolo from where a great view will allow to admire Lake Levico and Caldonazzo and a good part of Valsugana Valley. Along the route is easy to observe numerous colonies of marmots mostly concentrated at the edges of the ponds. You will then climb smoothly in a typical alpine landscape characterized by the many floral species present, up to Piana di Vezzena with its many small lodges where you will taste and buy the famousVezzena mountain cheese . At the end of the path, there will be the transfer for the Sporting Hotel that will include SPA, dinner and final accomodation before the final check out.

Treks are organized by your choice. You decide the departure date and we will take care of everything else, starting with the first meeting to the end of your tour. We will take care of your luggage from one lodge to the other and we will provide maps with detailed description and reliable paths. Our help will allow you to enjoy completely the Asiago Plateau choosing time and rhythm of your vacation.

Asiago Trekking Support
Asiago Trekking’s team will be available 24/7 to ensure the best result of your vacation. Assistance will be provided anytime. For emergency you can contact (tel.: +39 333 7503484 / +39 0424 462177, e-mail:
From June to October
Reservation Tel +39 333 7503484 -

Check in and Check out location: Starting point: Sporting Hotel Asiago
Arrival Point: Sporting Hotel Asiago

Mountain Lodge (Rifugio): 4 nights - Sporting Hotel1 night

From 4 to 6 hours walking through short paths and easy trails (average).

Trekking Type
Trekking with no guide; detailed maps for all trails are available.

Your luggage
luggage will be picked up and delivered using our service car to the different meeting points; daily walking are made just with light equipment as a small backpack loaded with what you need for the single day trip. We recommend limiting the weight your main bag up to 15 kg to facilitate the delivery service and transportation.
What to bring with you during the daily trekking:
• A small backpack with inside some water, your camera, sandwich for lunch and a waterproof jacket.
• To walk: wear comfortable hiking shoes with a good grip on the ground; socks made for walking, shorts and T-shirts.
First aid kit is welcome.

Low season: from 01/06 to 20/07 – from 20/08 to 20/10
Price per person: € 350
Children from 3 years to 12 years old: € 200
High season from 20/07 to 20/08
Price per person: € 425
Children from 3 to 12 years: € 250

Price includes:
• accommodation, dinner, breakfast.
• baggage transportation; daily map;

Price does not include:
• drinks and lunch.
• expenses not covered by the program,
• guide service for hiking and bikes,
• insurance,
• bicycle rentals, Nordic walking sticks rentals

Continental breakfast by Rigoni di Asiago: tea, coffee, milk, butter, jam.
Dinner prepared with the unique local products.
Drinks are not included

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